Calmness of the Mind

By in Abundance

By Catherine Epstein

What is the balance in YOUR spiritual bank account? By adding consciousness, calmness, and integrity, you can build a fortune in the richness of your soul.

Calmness helps to channel the life force energy into positive and productive use. When we flow with the “being”-ness of life, we can instill a sense of calm that runs very deep; a sense of calm that will help to override the chatter of the brain, and the busyness of the body.

Pause for a moment. Feel the current of energy coursing through your body. Ask yourself:

How calm is your mind?
How often do you find yourself ruminating over different events in your life, and how do you break negative cycles?
What does calmness of the mind feel like?
How often do we put off mindfulness and meditation “until further notice”?

In financial terms, we speak about preserving capital, saving money. But how can we preserve our life force energy, and keep it flowing? It is when we are stuck and determined to keep running on empty that we are depleted even further.

Calming our minds is a process of simplification, a way of focusing on what truly matters. Part of my coaching training has taught me to look at my life from all angles, and to come into acceptance from each one. This kind of acceptance leads not only to serenity, but to clarity: when you can examine each and every aspect of your life, you can see which elements are working, and which need to improve. It’s a process of truth, and it is the key to moving forward.

Only when we can accept where we are can we move forward. To reach a place of stable calm, we must excavate our inner world to find the gold within. Examine the surface and below, then own or release whatever comes up. This is an act of freedom — and of becoming rooted once again to your core. Our inner landscape is the most important. We must keep our center as a place of stillness, to which we can retreat from the outer drama for a true sense of peace.

In clarity and calm, we can expand our consciousness. We can find gratitude. We can surround ourselves with all that uplifts us.

We must honor our bodies and our needs at any given moment. Whether you must learn how to detect what you truly need, or learn how to just say no, develop an awareness of what feels good for you.

Marianne Williamson said “Our only job is to be an example of a life that is working.” A life that is working is one that is lived fully from the heart. Enjoy the job of your life. Make your choice to be more conscious and mindful, every day. Our thoughts may run amok, and we can get swept up in the frenzy around us, but we can choose to honor our hearts, and to dwell in them more often, so that we can return again and again to that source of inner serenity. Be a witness to the process.

Here’s to a calmer mind, and a more balanced life!

All heart love.

About the Author: Catherine Russo Epstein is the founder of Living Lotus Group, a New York-based company rooted in holistic healing and spiritual growth; she is also a graduate gemologist, reiki master, meditation teacher, and certified life coach. Catherine is a practiced sound healer and performs at various yoga studios and spiritual centers, such as the Open Center in New York City and the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York.

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