Blazing a Trail of Love

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In the everyday hustle and bustle that accompanies most of our lives, it is sometimes easy to forget how to make evident our kindness and goodness to others. With so many agendas, plans and things to do on an everyday basis, often the weekends are upon us quickly and before we know it, time has passed us by Tick, Tick, Tick, leaving us little to no time for interactions with friends and those we love.

For many, extended periods of time with no social outlet can sometimes cause negative feelings  to arise making us feel more alone and or even quite possibly entertain thoughts like, “No one really cares”.

UNTIL….   that wonderful moment when the Sun shines, the clouds part and someone notices you and says.. “Hey, I DO care” and does something extraordinary, something thoughtful, maybe even selfless.

It is at these times that we are reminded that compassion still abounds, love really does prevail and that there still IS lots of goodness, love and kindness still alive in the world today.

Kindness doesn’t have to come from someone you already know.   It can come from a complete stranger who asks nothing in return. What a marvelous thing it is when someone chooses to give to others, with no strings attached. Sharing kindness and love can help someone get through another hurdle or maybe even the hardest of the hardest times. You never know the difference you will make or the impact your interaction will make in their lives going forward.

I encourage you to please show love and kindness to those you come into contact with in your life. Even if they are complete strangers, after all, they will only be strangers at first. As once you have introduced yourselves to one another, then you are no longer strangers.

Remember, Life is but a vapor, one day here, the next day gone. Live in the present moment…as much as possible, and don’t spend all of your time entertaining the thoughts in your own head.   Your life is not happening in your past thoughts (things that have already happened) or your future thoughts (things that haven’t happened yet) but is happening at THIS present moment. EACH and EVERY moment thereafter, forever and forever.   Stay focused, stay in the moment.

The goodness and love you put forth WILL come back to you and the ripple effect goes out into the world and never, ever, ends.   Let us create the world we would like to see and live in. One day and one person at a time.


About the Author:

Carolyn McDaniel desires to live in a world where people matter more than money and or personal agendas.

Carolyn is the owner of a business called Miracle Studio 369 better known as “MS369,LLC”, as well as a writer and musician. Her life is guided by her passions and she endeavors to teach others to do the same.

As an Entrepreneur, she spends a great deal of time looking for and focusing on new projects that help others live their most passionate and healthful lives. When she isn’t working, writing, or in the studio, she can usually be found gazing at the star lit sky and or on the computer researching Ancient Ruins and or Civilizations.

A lover of people she has a natural curiosity for other cultures and feels it is important to honor all people and assist when invited and needed, while at the same time, always having consideration for the delicate balance and needs of our earth.

In her efforts to make a difference, she has created a conference that allows Traditional Health Care Practice to come together with Whole Body Health Practice under one roof so that we may start a conversation about the need to view the body as a “Whole” in our efforts to prevent disease rather than than the traditional approach that only treats the symptom after they have manifested. With this new approach all aspects of the Human person are taken into consideration and not just the symptom. Prevention is first and foremost in preventing disease, she feels. Her first conference, The “Take Action” Health Conference is scheduled for October 26th-28th, 2015 in Olathe, KS.

To read more articles by Carolyn you can visit her WordPress Blog: “Room with a View- My advantage point of perspective” – Blog To learn more about her various projects please visit: mstudio369.

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