Being Enough

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With a courageous breath, we make the decision to be free of our past, free of the stories that have haunted us, free of the limited self-beliefs we have been holding on to, and ready to make a giant leap of consciousness into the present, into trusting a new way.

Helena Blavatsky writes, “Thou canst not travel on the Path before thou hast become that Path itself.”

The road less travelled represents leaving the familiar and moving into the field of the spiritual warrior. Many lifetimes may have led you to this point – reading these words right here, right now. Something is awakening within, drawing you into this field of light, liberation and possibility.

We are living in a time of limitless opportunities for expanded awareness. One thing that blocks us is dissatisfaction with how things have arisen in the present moment. Are we seeing what we have and how perfect it is for our spiritual growth? If we feel dissatisfied, why are we feeling this, and how do we shift our perceptions? If we are not feeling at peace and fulfilled within ourselves, is there something missing from the outside (our environment), or is there a void within that requires addressing? Are we still haunted by our past experiences?

What beliefs do we have about ourselves? These beliefs shape our perceptions and what we are experiencing. To understand what we believe, we can observe how we feel. It is not only what what we are seeing, feeling and experiencing (that is the illusion) – it is the inner world behind that – the (smoke)screen of awareness that filters into everything. The reality of the womb behind the reality we perceive is where breakthroughs occur.

The development model means that we are always gaining wisdom from our experiences. We learn and grow through having those experiences, so even though we may have perceived our experiences as “negative,” really they are neutral feedback mechanisms that are just “showing us the way” – giving us information and lessons – so we may acquire learning and wisdom.

The great discoveries have always been on the back of hundreds or thousands of “failures” – so here we understand that really it is not “real” to think something is “negative” – or a “failure” – it is always our PERCEPTION that matters. With awareness and diligence, we may change our perceptions consciously and take control of our emotions, thus taking back our power. The opportunity is always in the present moment to make this change.

The deepest missing link may be our inner beliefs about ourselves – do we feel unworthy?

I am enough. And so are you. We are enough and we always were. That’s all you need to know. The rest is merely the details of learning how to trust the journey.

Stop searching for perfection…it does not exist. Start accepting imperfection. It’s not enough to keep telling yourself that – its impact will be felt and experienced when you embody that and step into the field of love that is your true home. You will feel embraced as if you never left. We go out on a ship from the harbour of safety offered to us via the mothership (mother, father, family) and leave our childhood behind. It takes a brave spirit. The development process is ongoing. We don’t suddenly arrive at a destination and our development ends right there.

Feel the touch of your skin on the earth again. Let your bare feet caress sacred earth. Here is the miracle. Right here, right now. It’s not in some far-off exotic location. Or in the arms of someone else.

This marks a new beginning for you. I encourage you to expand what your previous (old story) notions were of yourself. A positive mind will always lead us to the greatest outcomes. Terence McKenna offers an elevational frame of reference:

“Dream the impossible dream and the world will not grind you under, it will lift you up. This is the shamanic dance in the waterfall. This is how magic is done. By hurling yourself into the abyss and discovering it’s a feather bed.”

All is a miracle. There are no absolutes in life, except in the power of perception. Think of all the miracles that got you where you are today. Now, start with your first breath that will embrace all the small things – the uplifting essences of gratitude, love, passion, grace and purity.

The love you seek is in your own heart. All that is left is to have faith that the stardust that you are – breaking through the fabric of space-time within this world of illusion – is also capable of making your dreams come true.

The poet, Rumi reminds us that the treasure we are seeking is within, “You wander from room to room. Hunting for the diamond necklace. That is already around your neck.”

Transformation Meditation
Visualize yourself standing over a body of deep, endless azure-blue water that fulfils and heals. Now dive in, completely submerging yourself until all of the stains of unworthiness that you have carried through lifetimes are cleansed and released.

Arise up from the surface of the water now. With your first breath you are reborn into a new expansive space.

Now, placing your hands over your heart and repeating:
The past is gone.
Now, All that I am is an entire universe.
Now, There is no part of me that is wrong.
Now, I accept all of me including those things I perceive as imperfect.
Now I am ready for rebirth.
My heart is whole.
Now I am reborn.
I have arrived fully into my heart.
Now, I am enough.

Acknowledgements: With gratitude to Jocelyn Joy Thomas:

About the Author: David G. Arenson ND is an international SOUL-COACH who travels the world as a transformational healer and speaker. He is working on a book on self-empowerment, and developing journey retreats to places of spiritual activation. David is actively seeking partners to co-create his vision of an enlightened and unified planet of choice. He can be reached via email ([email protected]) and websites, and

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