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Imagine a future where art and technology are combined into one singular creative endeavor.

Quantum Theory is a wonderful gift for the awakening community. It acts as a solid bridge between scientific proof and personal spiritual experience. Mainstream scientific thinking still tends to be materialistic however, despite talk of higher dimensions, vast hidden potentials and non-linear causality. This new, proven reality is generally not connected to the invisible spirit world which human culture has traditionally described.


But our beloved scientific method of material reduction has now proved there is more than the material world! There is more to reality than meets the eye. What language can we use to define this other world? The word spiritual perhaps? Spiritual is a word which describes the non-material. And of course this magical quantum world works in the very same way as history’s great thinkers have forever taught us about the true nature of things – consciousness determines reality.

This proven understanding makes a powerful case for positive thinking. If consciousness determines reality then we need to get a grip on our thinking. From quiet contemplation to group meditation this is the basis of spiritual practice. Suddenly the mysterious rituals we have evidence of from the past make sense – a particular state of consciousness needs to be achieved to create desired results. The world of spiritual knowledge holds the key to a brighter future.

Quantum theory also points us towards a singular cohesive reality where two seemingly conflicting realities are combined. There is a dualistic aspect to reality but the ultimate truth is the balanced sum of these opposing elements – another parallel with perennial philosophy. This knowledge has the power to bring balance to our world by inspiring us to combine the things which seem most disparate. Already Quantum Theory itself is bringing a balance to the traditionally insular fields of philosophical and scientific understanding. We are combining left-brain and right-brain thinking into a powerful, positive force.

Philosophy and Science – In a physical sense these two sides of the coin can be expressed as art and technology. In our new world art and technology are merging into one practical and creative endeavour. It will become the defining thing that we do as a species, and we ourselves will actually be inseparable from it. People often feel uneasy about technology but with an awakened philosophical understanding there is nothing to fear. True advanced technology is spiritual technology.

We are currently seeing collaboration projects between the world’s and technologists and artists; and much effort is being spent trying to hold global technological advancement accountable to ethical values. What we will eventually achieve is a state where our scientists and engineers are part of an awakened society and together we can design the beautiful machines which will clean up this planet and let it shine in all its glory.

These simple truths are difficult to convey in words so my response as an artist was to make machines which embody them. These interactive video art objects were the focal point of my 2014 exhibition – The Quantum Theory of Light. One machine generates waves and the other particles, users work together to create a unique animated artwork. This project combines art and technology and introduces users to quantum theory in a colourful and entertaining way

Watch a video all about my machines here:


About the Author:


Will Reardon is a crowdfunded artist, exploring our interconnected reality and sharing what he finds on YouTube under the moniker Polymath. He operates across the disciplines of painting, sculpture, prints and animation, as well as creating electronic and mechanical devices and inventions. All his work is inspired by a universal philosophy – everything is one.

Watch an overview video of what Polymath does here:

Will loves to give away his art and has set up a crowdfunding page where a community of people who appreciate his work can support him and receive free art in return. Please visit to find out more.,,,



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