Gadgets, Gadgets, Everywhere

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Gadgets, Gadgets, Everywhere
By Nicola Mortimer

A gadget to brush and comb your hair
One to even clean the bog
And one that feeds the crazy dog
One to tell you where to go
One looks like creepy aunty Jo
There’s even one that reads to you
What a ghastly thing to do
Kids are no more outside playing
Instead they’re staring, sitting, smelling
They’re all fingers, swipes, and clicks
Getting their electronic fix
And if you do try to take
Them outside for some tea and cake
They’ll scream and kick
And scream some more
Whilst laying crying on the floor
They’ll have to fend for themselves
Leaving gadgets on the shelves
Stepping out in to the sun
They’ll wonder what they’d ever done
They never played like this with mum
And never had so much fun
Instead of sitting on their bum
But wait what do I hear you say
You don’t have time to go and play
What a silly thing to say
Go and play and get outdoors
And leave behind all those chores
It’s true parents will not make money
Whilst hopping round just like a bunny
To buy more stuff
The rooms to fill
A great big gadget over spill
Of toys galore
Or more more more
They’ll be bursting out the door
But one thing that you’ll always have
Is memories with your mum and dad

Nicola Mortimer is a 35 a mother of four, outdoor enthusiast and children’s author. Find her on Facebook.

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