How to Become a Moving Force of Peace

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I read the news every morning, and even when I try to avoid what’s taking place in the world my social media feeds are overtaken by shared news articles. It’s unavoidable to hide from what’s going on in this world, and the only reason I would want to avoid the truth is because I feel helpless.

Last week, I was watching a special on television about refugees in Syria. My heart broke, my eyes welled up with tears, and I could feel the blindness leaving my body – because I instantly became aware. The camera crew zoomed in on a small child, his body was in the fetal position, he was laying down inches away from the incoming tide, he washed up on the shore, and he was lifeless.

My heart broke. I wanted to close my eyes. I wanted to pretend this wasn’t happening in the world.

One of my children is just about his size, I thought.

His future now exists beyond this earth. Here I am, watching my son dance around my living room in costumes, and pretending to have super powers with a huge smile on his face.

Where is this little boy’s mother and father? Are they ok? They tried to escape a war torn country to freedom, the very same freedoms we take for granted day to day. In doing so, they lost a child.

The truth is, I live in New York, and I feel helpless for these refugees. This is only one country, and this is only one boy. War torn countries exist outside of Syria, too.

Which brings me to a solution that may not help directly, but will transcend to all over the world shifting hate towards peace. By doing this, all the pain that results from hate will in time diminish.

One act of peace can impact the world.

Which brings me to the question: how do we become moving force of peace?

It’s simple, we embrace a peaceful heart and allow peace to radiate so it reaches the world in an impactful way.

Think simple shifts.

When someone angers you, release.
When someone is in pain, love.
When someone hurts you, forgive.
When someone needs, help.
When someone rages war, offer peace.

I may not be able to run on the beach towards that innocent boy, pick him up, wrap him in a warm blanket, and take him home to save him. But- I can commit to small acts of peace in his honor, and these small acts will shift this world from hate to peace -one place at a time.

About the Author:

Michelle Wisdom is a soul centered writer by night, and by day a mother of three and a happily married wife. Michelle empowers entrepreneurs to find their voice, live their purpose, and create big impacts in the world.

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  1. Rebecca 8 years ago

    Hi darling, so nice to read your post. I wanted to comment as… I’m in the same place, but beyond that helplessness you first mentioned. I’m gonna talk as if it’s so easy, but it is just easier to talk about it once you’re beyond it. What it takes is plugging into the earth. So, you are reading about human events from outside of yourself, rather than feeling for yourself, from within your body, heart, mind, and female animal body, the world events. Not that human events aren’t important, but that they are hand-selected to show general population how to see the world and therefore what to feel and think. It doesn’t mean it is bad to feel genuine feelings for that little boy – I’ve seen that photo myself; it must be a famous shot. But it is only a symptom of an underlying cause of the sickness in the present human system, and as we are cut off from our greatest mother, the earth.

    Some people are addicted to the news because it provides their daily dose of hormone chemical rushes set off by emotional reactions. Try not watching or reading the news for 1 week, and see what your body does and how you feel.
    Orient yourself towards more of the truth, as it’s obvious you are afraid of what’s out there.

    Lastly, when you really plug in to the earth, and are living from a grounded place, you will be more intuitive, and you will know what to do, rather than distract yourself from you helpless, hopeless feelings that lead to apathy (inaction), and complacency (just continuing to live from day to day despite what it happening that you wish to affect change upon). Once grounded, you will become much closer to yourself as well, and you will know your unique offering to this world, and how to help, and what to do. You’ll just know.

    If you don’t know how to get grounded once and for all, I highly suggest seeking someone who can work both with energy blockages in the energy system of the body, as well as chakra balancing. For me, it was largely my root chakra that was tipped up, and therefore sort of floating, and I got distract so easily from what I really wanted to do in this world, and I would feel a lot of apathy, sadness, and powerlessness, thinking I was only one person and how could I help and really affect change. But in truth, each of us are so damn powerful, and it’s not that outer power that we think we need to do something, like to know the right people, to have popularity or celeb status, or even money. Within us is a ton of power and energy, especially when connected to our mother below us, and if we just know and learn how to draw in the energy, and channel it towards our focus… 🙂

    So happy to see a sister peace keeper,

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