Earth Day 2015

Global Earth Day Planting Event, 2015 – Thank You!

Thank you EveryMann Productions and Singer/Songwriter Bailey Pelkman

On behalf of The Master Shift, and our partners Forest Nation and The White Feather Foundation, we would like to thank every individual and group for giving back to our Mother Earth on her B-earthday, April 22, 2015.  Your photos made us smile and laugh! It was an amazing outpouring of compassion and a strong sense of community. For your viewing pleasure, we have created a short video for all to enjoy.

We plan to get better and stronger each year, because we know our community will enjoy richer, more abundant lives as we continue. Our efforts will uplift, inspire, encourage, and liberate everyone that seeks such growth.

Be the solution!





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Our Charity Work

Additionally, Thank you to those that made financial donations to the Patt Foundation during Earth Day week. We collected a total of $233.77. As a result, on World Environment Day, June 5, 2015, The Patt Foundation planted 35 trees in Thailand, on behalf of The Master Shift Community. We are honored (if $234 can plant 35 trees, imagine how many trees $1000 could have planted).



The Ghost of Earth Day Present

Earth Day Promotional Video

We were overwhelmed by your response to our Earth Day Promotional Video!  Our video was seen by 23 million people on Facebook.  Thank you for helping to spread our message:  Let’s give back to Earth by watching our footprint and planting trees in honor of what we receive from the planet.

Thank you to these organization/schools/businesses/groups and clubs for participating in our Earth Day Event for 2015. ([email protected]) ([email protected]) ([email protected]) ([email protected]) ([email protected])
SayTrees. org (info@saytrees. org)
Volunteer for the AVM One Million Tree Initiative for Haiti ( ([email protected]) ([email protected]) ([email protected]) ([email protected]) ([email protected]) ([email protected]) ([email protected]) ([email protected]) ([email protected])


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