What Does Your Animal Companion Know About You That You Don’t?

What Does Your Animal Companion Know About You That You Don’t?
May 14, 2013 Lori Spagna


Few people realize that our animal companions actually know more about us than we know about ourselves.

As many of us are now realizing, from a scientific perspective, everything is energy.  Everything includes our thoughts, ideas, feelings, beliefs and concepts, as well as other mental, emotional and physical sensations and experiences.  Even the various illnesses and diseases are forms of energy.

All energy has a vibrational frequency which is in perpetual motion (thank you Albert Einstein) and as this energy vibrates in motion, it connects and interacts with all of the other energy in its  field.

As it connects and interacts with the energy in its field, it often attaches on to other particles of energy, even if those other particles of energy are particles in our fuzzy, furry, feathered or scaled friends’ physical bodies.

When the energy particles are slower, denser moving energy particles, they are more likely to clump together and wreak havok on the body, mind and spirit whereas faster moving energies usually move too fast for any solid attachment to form.

As any experienced holistic health practitioner can tell you, all living beings, regardless of age, breed, temperament or species are susceptible to these energies, since by the laws of physics, we too are made up of energy.  Indeed, we all participate in this energetic dance, including our animal companions.

So what does all of this have to do with our pets’ awareness about us?

We humans speak a language of English, or French or Spanish, etc.  We have other languages we speak too, many of which are also universally understood.

For example, mathematicians speak a Universal Language of math, musicians speak a Universal Language of music, numerologists speak a Universal Language of numbers, Astrologers speak a Universal Language of planetary relationships, etc.

Animals speak a Universal Language of energy.

As a seasoned professional intuitive, animal communicator and energy healer who has communicated with thousands of animals in an authentic, 2-Way, telepathic dialogue, I can confirm that animals do indeed have awareness and consciousness about the fact that they willingly, and often deliberately, absorb energy from their human(s) as well as from physical and geographic environment.

They do this both on an individual basis and on a planetary basis for all of Mother Earth and her inhabitants.  All animals do it, both domestic and wild.

It’s part of how they communicate and it’s also one of the ways in which Animal Communicators connect with animals telepathically in a 2-Way dialogue.

By the way, us humans also speak this Universal Language of energy, however, until recently, most humans have been doing it unconsciously and have relegated this kind of information to a ‘sixth sense’ or some kind of gut instinct that some people seem to have and others don’t.

The truth is, everyone has it, everyone can do it, and our animals are teaching us how.  Because we haven’t actively engaged in this language, our ability to speak it fluently has diminished.

That said, it’s nothing we couldn’t immediately pick up again, just like the re-studying of any other forgotten language.  This kind of study could easily be compared to going back into a gym and taking up a new workout regime.  We just have to begin using it again.

The animals never forgot to use this part of their awareness the way we have because they’e not busy doing things like paying bills, working at their job and getting along with their mother-in-laws (you get the picture, right?).  Their mental and energetic capacities are freed up for other activities.

We also know that this Universal Language of Energy is directly connected to certain parts of our bodies known as sensory glands, which, just as is true for the muscles in our bodies, can be easily built up to be stronger and more effective with practice and persistence.

These glands are our pituitary, pineal and thymus glands, which are sensory glands designed to perceive and sense energy.  That’s why we have always referred to this kind of energy language as extra-sensory perception.  It is real and we all have it; and so do the non human animals on planet Earth.

The real question is: are we using it?  The animals certainly are.

Other parts of our bodies which contribute to this extra-sensory perception and telepathic communication include our skin, which is a sensory organ, and our Theta Brainwave, which is a brainwave that when accessed, connects us to a Universal field of all energy.

Again, the animals are already doing this, consciously.

Most of us energy healers, intuitives and communicators refer to it as Universal Intelligence.  Dr. Lynn McTaggart refers to it as ‘The Field’.  It’s one of the ways authentic psychics get information too.

When it comes to energy, we know that faster moving energy is generally associated with things like happiness, love, joy, abundance, prosperity, strength, health and vitality.  We also know that slower moving energy is usually associated with  things including sadness, grief, fear, pain, suffering, and illness.

Furthermore, since faster moving energy vibrates at a higher frequency and slower moving energy vibrates at a slower frequency, the slower vibrating energy can sometimes move so slow that it metastasizes.  When that happens, it often causes illness in the physical body.

This means that from a scientifically sound, energetic perspective, our thoughts, emotions, feelings, beliefs, ideas, whether they are happening consciously or unconsciously, eventually show up in our physical body, and will be expressed in our health and well being.

Since our animals are sharing the space we live in, they are also sharing our energy.  As they share our energy, they are literally absorbing the energy in that shared space.

Because animals are able to detect, understand and even translate this language of energy, they intuitively know which frequency the humans they live with are vibrating at.

They also energetically take on or assimilate these energies, as a gift of love, in an effort to heal us from the slower vibrating frequencies and to mirror back to us ourselves, so that we can make more conscious and appropriate choices.

From this perspective, we can understand that our animals have lots of information about us, particularly as it relates to our overall health and well being, not to mention the myriad of other related information about us, much of which we won’t even share with our most trusted confidant.

Humans are left brained, analytical creatures.  We use our left brain to analyze, list, calculate, determine, evaluate, deliberate, etc.  Non human animals are right brained creatures.  The right brain is used for feeling and sensing, without having to label those things and/or experiences in order to identify them (which is the left brain’s job).

So essentially, as I always say: the right brain already knows what the left brain is trying to figure out.

This realization may seem to be contrary to everything we were told while we were growing up in Jr. High School studying Sr. Isaac Newton’s laws which laid the foundation for all of our beliefs in classical mechanics.

However, the process of telepathy in animals has been extensively studied and there have been so many documented cases regarding animal telepathy that the factual evidence is undeniable and overwhelming.

Scientists at the prestigious Duke University have been studying ESP in animals and have conclusively demonstrated that animals do communicate via extrasensory methods.

Studies led by Dr. Joseph Banks Rhine, head of the Parapsychology Laboratory at Duke and Dr. John C. Lilly, Scientific Researcher, Physician, Neuroscientist, Psychoanalyst and Philosopher,

have yielded extensive evidence with a a large variety of animal species which have powerful findings: Animals do practice thought transference.  (and btw: we are also animals 🙂

So the remaining question is this: why do our animals pick up our energy and practice this telepathic communication?  The answer is simple: They love us and they are attempting to teach us how to love ourselves and one another, better than we already are.

This is the unconditional love that every animal lover knows and has experienced first hand.

As we open ourselves up to the reality that non human animals actually have valuable life lessons to teach and share with us, we also wake up to our capacity to love as infinitely and generously as our non animal brothers and sisters do.




About the Author:


Lori’s last name is pronounced: Span-Ya

The name of her company, efil’s god is pronounced: Eh-Fulls God

Lori Spagna radically transformed her life after a series of near death experiences while living in Maui.  Lori is the author of the upcoming book ‘2 Years in Maui’ and was featured in the soon to be released documentary, ‘Animals in the Afterlife’.

She has over 20 years of experience serving humans and animals around the world and is an internationally recognized expert, speaker and author who provides seminars and workshops about how we can improve our lives by learning from animals.

As a Visionary, Lightworker, Intuitive, Animal Communicator and Healer, Lori also leads powerful manifestation and healing circles where she assists people and their pets tap into their true power via The Universal Source which connects us all and activates dormant DNA and RNA in humans and animals.

For more information, please visit: www.LoriSpagna.com, www.efilsgodSpirit.com, www.efilsgod.com and www.efilsgodDogTraining.com.





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