Tricky Prickly Things

Tricky Prickly Things
April 20, 2013 Millie Parmer



Have you ever had a splinter in your finger? I’m sure you’ve heard to leave it alone and that the body will eventually purge it. The body rejects that which doesn’t belong. I’ve heard that as well. Unfortunately, there are times when the splinter doesn’t want to come out. It remains under the skin.

I got one of those little suckers from the rose bushes a few weeks ago. I couldn’t get it out and I remember that the body would reject it when it was ready. So, I left it alone. Now new skin has grown over it. The finger is tender and a bit swollen. I tried opening the skin yesterday with a pin so it would come out, to no avail. I started to laugh! Sometimes you just have to get to the root of discomfort the moment things happen. The more time passes the more they silently brew inside.

A splinter is just like traumas. Sometimes the body purges the aches, the memories, and let’s new growth take place immediately. We grow because of this. Other times, well you have to dig it out and it hurts, magnifies and we go into denial. When too much time passes one forgets what was once right on the surface is now really deep inside. It is a thorn that pricks every so often to the touch.

We all carry splinters, thorns, aches, scars, and so many other horrific memories of past events. Many times we don’t take care of those issues right when they happen. We bury them. I am always learning that no matter how much I run away from the hurt, it will eventually catch up. Avoiding it is a form of neglect. Those things were meant to be dealt with at that moment. As time passes they become a giant infection and the body will purge it, but it might take a long time. What once was a small thorn in a finger will become a giant ailment somewhere else in the physical body. The ironic thing about a thorn is that even though it is small it causes a great amount of discomfort. That’s how traumas become. The silence makes them much larger than they were (even when they were already horrific in matter). Our minds are our worst enemies. Thoughts recreate scenarios and prick at us in ways that make a Stephen King movie appear like a Disney film.

We wonder why in this country we live with such stress, disease, and mental disorders. We have been taught not to look back and deal with the past. But, you have to deal with the past when the past is hurting you. You must find a way to dig the thorn out, process it, learn the lesson, and then you can move on. Therapy, counseling, talking with a friend, or just simply facing it in a journal allows for that ache to surface. The faster you process and accept the experience the better it is for healing. Just like the splinter on a finger, the body will eventually reject it. It may cause an infection in your body through dis-ease. It has to come out somehow. We are the co-creators of our ailments. It is the body’s defense mechanism and the internal alarm that says, “Hey, look at me. Let’s deal with that issue. I can’t hold this in any longer! If you keep avoiding me I will make sure you hear me through a heart attack!”

So next time you are hurt, sit with that hurt. Stop a while and be gentle with yourself. Accept the good and bad parts. Face the ugliness just like you face the beauty in your life. Everything happens for a reason. Little annoyances are reminders that we are made of spirit and everything is a lesson in disguise. Surrendering to the experience is much healthier than neglecting it through denial. Forgiveness is the needle that removes the prickly things. You will be surprised at the relief and how your body will thank you throughout life because forgiving is not about the other person. Forgiving is about you letting go of the thorns inside.

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