The Way of Meditation: A Magical Practice for All

The Way of Meditation: A Magical Practice for All
April 11, 2013 Dr. Madhu B. Wangu



Meditation is integration. Millions of people around the world—in different professions, from diverse cultural backgrounds and world religions attest to the benefits of its practice. Most days we feel fragmented. Our body is here, our hearts somewhere else and our minds jumping from one thought to the next. But the practice of meditation integrates our fragmented self. Each one of us has a job, a profession, a field of expertise in arts or sciences to which we dedicate our lives. Adding the practice of meditation enhances our work and makes us feel whole.

As one of the millions who practice meditation I have discovered that whatever we do in life when it is combined with the practice of meditation, it gets better. Latent within each one of us are unique possibilities and specialized capabilities that are revealed to us when we meditate.  Meditation penetrates beyond the multiplicity of our daily lives into an indivisible realm. In that realm, within each individual is the reality where infinite joy dwells. With one pointed-concentration we can access this inner place where insights, ideas and wisdom bubble.

I can personally attest to this phenomenon. When I combined my writing with the practice of meditation I was filled with unshakable security, serenity and wisdom beyond the reach of the senses and the intellect. After decades of practicing thus I decided to share it with fellow writers that resulted in the Mindful Writers Group.

I am the facilitator of the Group. We meet once a week and practice the Writing Meditation Method. The Method combines meditation and journaling, followed by writing our works in progress. Its practice eliminates blocks, maximizes productivity and enhances writing skills.

When the Mindful Writers’ minds, hearts and bodies are integrated they work from the deepest level where they see themselves as unmasked, ungarbed and authentic. No longer are they stuck in an eddy, no longer is their creative flow static. Their minds are clear and their awareness improved. They are able to drive deep into the consciousness and become one with it. This results in acquiring an original writing voice.

In our day-to-day life, someone’s word or action may pinprick us. The single pricks can accumulate into serious problems. Meditation and journaling enables mindful individuals to turn their attention to positive and promising actions and ignore the pinpricks. The Method instills energy, deep drive, courage and self-confidence to face challenges of the writer’s life. Those who practice it don’t let their vital energy be sucked up by frustrations, worries and broodings.

Now, in the third stage of my life, my spiritual goal has become my path. The daily practice of the Writing Meditation Method hones my self-understanding and helps me better understand my immediate surroundings and the world at large. Its practice weaves my professional writing life with my inner meditative/spiritual life.

The individuals in any field of work can practice this. The daily practice of meditation results in new insights. It helps solve problems and decision-making. It utilizes intuition to overcome paralysis of analysis. Many individuals enthuse how sitting still in silence and solitude helps them create and innovate, obtain better people skills, balance work and family life and makes them happier. They can deal better with negativity in their lives.

No matter what else you do in your life combining the practice of meditation with your work will clear your thoughts, open your heart and deepen joy in your life.

If you would like to read more about the Writing Meditation Method or the Mindful Writers Group please visit the website:

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About the Author:

The founder of Mindful Writers Group, Dr. Madhu B. Wangu was a
professor of South Asian religions. She has published five books and
numerous essays on Hindu & Buddhist Art. Her CD Meditation for Mindful Writers, recorded in 2011, has inspired hundreds of writers to
complete their manuscripts. She inspires writers to delve deeper in
their work as she guides them in body-mind-heart meditation and
writing marathons at conferences and seminars. At present, Dr. Wangu
is seeking representation for her debut novel, The Immigrant Wife and
A Collection of Short Stories. She is writing A Guidebook for Mindful
Writing. Website:


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