The Invitation

The Invitation
August 18, 2014 Millie Parmer



It seems like a long-discarded proposal

placed in an unused desk drawer,

but it has been the overlooked notice

of love’s awkward arrival.

Conveniently, I have chosen

to misplace the key

that unlocks the drawer

and now, mysteriously,

it has been opened wide

revealing its contents.

I marvel at the ambiguity,

the written language,

completely foreign to me

yet somehow I understand it.

How foolish of me

to discard this notice

for so very long

while its messenger

has been on a constant crusade

reminding me

that I am still invited

to love;

to feel love;

to be in love….

I remain spoiled

to the un-necessity of losing myself

to anyone other than me

because of traumas,

deep-rooted hurt, and

the painful past.

But, here in this small drawer

lies the truth about the future.

I have been invited to love again.

As I hold this tender offering

I smile because

deep inside I know

I must go and attend

in the celebration

of love,

my life,



About the Author:  Millie A. Mestril


After raising six children, working in the corporate world, and being part of a relationship for eighteen years, I found that happiness was not consistent in my world.  I left the business world, ended a relationship that was deteriorating and headed to the mountains.  My best friend and I bought a small motel in the middle of gorgeous country and began the greatest journey.  What started as a visit to Asheville in May of 2010 became a permanent home for us.  Now with only one teenager at home, I am able to be part of a wonderful world of meeting people from all walks of life.  We’ve transformed an old gem of a place into a sweet and quaint oasis for others to find peace.  To those looking into our lives it seems we saved Peaceful Quest Retreats, but the reality is that this place saved us.  Every day brings joy, inspiration and a zest for life I never knew existed.  The lessons have not always been easy but the ride has been scenic and delightful.  I can’t imagine ever returning to a life that was not authentic to my spirit. ~ Millie A. Mestril


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A Soul’s Peaceful Quest: Lessons from the Path


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