Neptune Ends it’s Retrograde: Be the Love. Be the Change. Be the Peace

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Take a moment and reflect back to June 2016.

What was occurring in your life?

What lessons were you learning?

Now take yourself on a reflective journey through time. Contemplate the ups and downs experienced since June.

Were you feeling alone? Were you feeling separate? Were your feeling hopeless, doubtful or weak?

If so you are not alone.

On June 13th the planet Neptune began it’s retrograde which is ending on November 19th. In order to understand these energies let’s talk about the symbolism of Neptune, what a retrograde is and how we can move forward.

Firstly, Neptune represents a higher power. I like to call it Source Energy, but you can call it whatever you’d like. God, Goddess, Spirit, the Universe, whatever!

This higher power is what everything is made of. It’s the source of every supply. When we are connected to the divine (Neptune) we feel supported, peaceful and at one with all that is. We can exert compassion, forgiveness and understanding towards ourself and others.

A retrograde is when a planet appears to be moving backwards from the perspective of the Earth. Basically Earth has been speeding past Neptune’s orbit since June; causing a retrograde.

Symbolically a retrograde is a time of all things “RE”. Refreshing, reclining, reassessing, releasing, reviewing…you get the point.

Basically when a planet goes retrograde we are asked to review our relationship to the energies. We are asked to show up for ourselves and create a connection to the divine through our own efforts. In a way you can picture it like when Neptune turned retrograde his energy went “offline” asking us to generate the divinity of our lives.

This isn’t easy and often generates aspects of the shadow side of the divine. Instead of hope we experience hopelessness, instead of faith we feel doubt and instead of love fear. However the whole point is to realize that ALL of it (the good, bad and ugly) is divine.

Chances are you’ve had to come to terms with some shadow aspects of yourself. Self sabotaging tendencies are coming into the spot light and we can no longer deny that there are wounds to heal.

However as Neptune moves direct, ending it’ retrograde, the higher power will come back online.

We will feel uplifted, inspired and supported. Ride these waves and expand your awareness. If life is foggy, that’s ok! Enjoy the ride. Most importantly remember what you’ve learned since June, because that is medicine not only for yourself but others.

Forgiveness, compassion and realizing your connection with all that is will no doubt yield miracles.

However it’s no longer enough to just believe it; it’s time to live it.

Be the peace. Be the change. Be the love.

About the Author: Shannon Hugman is an astrologer, artist, emotional healer and more. To celebrate the end of Neptune’s retrograde Shannon is offering a free series of email to help expand your awareness and guide you towards transformative connection. Please sign up here to participate in this free adventure. Shannon is available for personal intuitive astrology readings and emotional healing sessions which can be purchased through her website,

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