Intuitive and Instinctive Knowingness the Way of the Future

Intuitive and Instinctive Knowingness the Way of the Future
December 9, 2014 Edwin Nel

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In one of my recent meditations, I was guided to see how bees and ants make use of their intuitive and instinctive knowingness, this internal guidance system tells them where they should go or what needs to be done next. These small insects venture out from either a bee-hive or ant-nest, journeying to collect food for the whole – the collective group. All bee and ant colonies work together by following their inborn intuitive guidance system.

Every bee and ant has their own specific job function and that job does not interfere with any of the other bees or ants in the colony. Very often a large number ants would join forces, working together to accomplish a combined goal; like bringing food back to the nest for the collective group. Bees on the other hand would use a complex system to consult with each other before collectively agreement on a new hive.

Every bee and every ant is important and fulfils their individual role to the best of their ability. There is no real hierarchy other the queen bees or queen ants, which are responsible for the reproduction of their respective species. As a human species there is much that we can learn and take away from these small insects all around us, for example; how to work to together as one, and how to build a world where every human can prosper and enjoy life on the earth as we meant to do.

Slowly, we start to notice that nothing is outside of us; this as we venture towards a grander understanding of ourselves and the world we live in. At the same time we also start to realize that we can never ever be alone, as we are connected to all life on the planet and need them more than they need us – the oneness principle.

We are gradually moving out of conscious separation into conscious unification (oneness) into a knowingness that we are all connected. As we evolve our need for self righteousness starts to fade into an acceptance of all humans, being part of one big whole. Simultaneously, we then also begin to treat every person as family and part of the bigger picture, with no regard to their religion, race, skin colour, age or gender.

Our Lower Human Mind needs to be set aside and we need to connect to our Higher God Mind, which will guide us to this powerful revelation. The more we operate from the Higher Mind perspective the freer and more connected we will feel to all life. This mind is connected to your 6th sense, also known as your intuitive and instinctive knowingness of what to do next and where to go in life for the next experience!

Follow your gut and intuition and trust in your God always!


About the Author:   Edwin Nel

I have completed an IT Diploma in Computer Science Programming accredited through Cambridge in the UK, then decided to finish my BCom Marketing Degree through Unisa in South Africa. After that there still seemed to be more to life which I was unaware of and with the help of my intuitive Chiropractor nudging me to start reading Self Help, New Age and Spiritual books and attending courses, I started on my journey to more freedom and joy. I came from a very strong Christian Background and have been able to integrate science, spiritual and religion into one with my recently publish book – The Magic of Quantum Living which has been my main project over the past 18 months and I can happily and joyfully say the words is spreading. Below is the extract from the back cover.


The Magic of Quantum Living is a revolutionizing new theory, bringing together quantum physics, spirituality, and religion in order to explain God and the interconnectedness of the entire universe. This new quantum theory is an inspirational message explaining the entanglement and interrelation of all things and people as part of one big collective consciousness: the oneness principle. This theory highlights the way our thoughts, words, and actions, which are based on our beliefs and views, create our reality within a greater collective reality. Practical examples and explanations assist the reader in examining their own beliefs and behaviours, with the aim to foster and cultivate a greater respect and love for all of life, humanity, and our planet.




About seven years ago, I started experiencing a deep, burning desire emanating from within my heart and soul. I wanted to save the world from pain, anguish, and suffering. I realized, however, that I cannot save anyone, let alone the world. It dawned on me that I only have to save myself, love myself more each day, and show the way by being loving and giving to myself. And so my spiritual journey started, a quest for truth and love. Only through my life’s experiences and relationships have I been able to write this book, which I wrote while spending time at Amazing Grace Centre of Awareness in Magaliesburg, South Africa, with the guidance from spirit. Thank you to my soul, to God, and to each and every person who I have encountered along my journey to date


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