Demystifying Spirituality

Demystifying Spirituality
October 23, 2013 Brian E. Miller


Often when we hear the word spiritual we tend to either put on our “spiritual” hats and engage the conversation, or perhaps we roll our eyes and say, “Oh them, those spiritual people.” The fact is that spiritual is simply a word relating to the unseen forces: the energy that governs our body and world—natural law. If someone traveled through time to our present day, from a period of time where there was no electricity, and you told them that you could put a little plug into a hole in the wall and a stream of energy would come out illuminating the room through a lamp, and oh it will also run this vacuum to clean the rug, they would look at you like you were screwy. In the least they would seem very confused, or if open minded, curious. Just because something is unseen does not mean it doesn’t exist, after all electricity was always there; we just created a medium to use it and harness it, and now we utilize this force almost every second, often knowing very little about it. Likewise quantum physics and other modern sciences are rapidly proving what spiritualists of the ancient world have innately known and taught for thousands of years.

In the West, the body has been studied intensely for thousands of years, but the mind has only been briefly touched upon in that span of time. Therefore we have amazing science in ways of the body: we can relocate organs from one body to another, create false limbs that respond to the brain, and so much more. Yet we are only beginning to scratch the surface of the mind and its vast capabilities.

Many of the ancient masters utilized the mind to create a better world. One such master whose specialty was the mind was the Buddha. The Buddha was a scientist of the mind who studied the inner workings of the mind and its relation to the world. Basing his teachings on logic, he put forth a scientific spirituality that is only recently being validated and proven by our Western scientists, yet his methods have been time tested and proven by millions who have used them throughout history. It is wonderful how science is now validating what many ancient and modern masters have taught for thousands of years. Like the lamp that is powered by an electrical current, to our amazement, we can now investigate why this happens: the physics of electricity and so forth, and thus deepen our faith with logic and science and evolve accordingly. Although modern science has a long way to come before it catches up with the wisdom of the ancient masters, we can begin to easily tap into these powerful teachings and findings in our modern world and make them our own.


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Brian E. Miller is an American author and adventurer who travels the world writing, learning and teaching. Realizing there are many paths and something to be learned from everyone and everything, Brian teaches from many sources. His passion to help others discover their limitless potential has led him to teach those looking to overcome limiting beliefs and cultivate empowering habits in any arena of life. He has traveled all over the United States and India, amongst other parts of the world, studying and practicing intently with many credible teachers and healers. He realizes that one’s journey is that of self-exploration and expression and all he can do is be a medium for those wishing to search within for their own truth.

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  1. Martha 7 years ago

    Very sad, but you have many ahead to look forward to catpuring! I’m amazed at all I’d forgotten. They are a blast to resurrect! If our house was burning down, after my family, I honestly think I’d risk grabbing my home video stash!

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