Chaldean Versus Western Numerology

Chaldean Versus Western Numerology
June 13, 2013 Joanne Justis

Should you care that there is a huge difference in discrepancies between the number systems of Chaldean versus Western Numerology?  The answer is “Yes,” you should care but most people don’t as they are not experts on this subject to know how drastically different the two systems really are. If you are making important decisions that are based on the calculations of using Western Numerology, you should know that this system has never been valid. A proven fact but one that was overlooked due to many reasons but primarily, because the untold story of Pythagoras was not validated during his time. What transpired next was history was written but never challenged for accuracy until now.

Two Formal Versions of Numerology Today

There are two formal versions of Numerology in the West today. They are the ancient science of Chaldean Numerology based on the world’s original root language Chaldean/Sumerian (~4,000 BCE), and the so-called Modern (Western) Numerology based on the pre-Roman Empire Alphabet of 22 letters  (~500 BCE).  Both systems will be briefly explained and contrasted to provide you with a little more insight into each. Chaldean Numerology is based on “sound-syllables” (sound frequencies/resonance) that generate energy which creates the vibrational patterns of our “names.” The so-called Modern version of Numerology is not based on the vibrational patterns of sound-syllables, but a simplistic, linear, and sequential assignment of numbers to the letters of the Western/English alphabet.

Numerology, the ancient science of numbers or the study of the significance of numbers, says that you are born with a set of unique numerical values that represent vibrational patterns which have definable and describable meanings, and from those meanings we can find out our destiny, who we are compatible with, what our personality is really like, and more. The numbers of your name and birthdate can show you a design and blueprint that reveal the potential your life holds.

In Chaldean Numerology, sound-syllables resonate to numerical values which identify and define the vibrational patterns that affect our body’s physiology and energy processes, and impact the unfolding, living, changing environment in our lives. These vibrational patterns are then translated into written form through the interpretation of the language of numbers.

The Chaldean Alphabet/Formula shown in table 1 assigns only “eight” root numbers (numerical values 1 through 8) to the sound-syllables (letters) of their alphabet. The Sacred Alphabet in table 2 was expanded from 22 to 26 letters by the third millennium BCE to accommodate the language variations as humanity expanded outward. The Chaldean Alphabet/Formula applied characteristics to ensure the accuracy of interpretations of the patterns of our names. One characteristic was the power of the Number 9. The Number 9 was considered to be “Sacred” in and of itself, sacred not only because it was symbolic of the highest level of spiritual attainment, but also because its level of creative energy was higher than all numbers. The Number 9 could never be assigned to represent a single letter of the alphabet.


Chaldean Alphabet/Formula – Numerical Values with Letters Assigned

Chaldean Alphabet Formula Table 1


Original Chaldean Alphabet Table 2
The Modern version of Numerology includes the misunderstanding of the relationship of today’s disciplines of linguistics (study of written language/spelling), phonetics (vocal sounds/speech processes), and phonics (sound of letters of the modern alphabet) with the unrelated sound-syllable/vibrational resonance-based science of Chaldean Numerology. They appear to confuse the disciplines of modern language usage with the science of Numerology. Secondly, the Modern number system discounts the sound-syllables of your name, and, as such, pays no attention to the vibrational patterns that flow from the energy that surrounds your name. As a result, so-called Modern Numerology introduces uncertainty and inaccuracy in calculating and interpreting your name numbers.

Modern Numerology discounts the Sacred and Spiritual importance of the Number 9.  The Modern system includes the “9” in the calculation of your name numbers which causes a misalignment of numerical values and guarantees that the results will be inaccurate. They assign the numbers 1 through 9 to the first nine letters of the alphabet and then repeat this sequence to the remaining letters of the alphabet (26 letters).

The so-called Modern version of Numerology (supposedly founded by Pythagoras around 500 BCE) was based on the Old Latin Alphabet of Pythagoras’ times, which only had 22 letters. The Latin Alphabet the Modern numerologists believe to be the basis of the Modern system did not reach 26 letters until 100 BCE, almost 400 years later. That is, the basic alphabet/numerical assignment (shown in table 3) did not even exist in 500 BCE. The advocates of Modern Numerology have not demonstrated the validity of its “alphabet,” nor has there been an accounting for the use of this un-validated alphabet/number assignment table.

Western Alphabet Table 3

The major difference between the Chaldean and Western number system is the way value is designated by alphabet and number. The Chaldean system assigns the number value by sound whereas the Western system assigns the number value by the sequence of the Western alphabet, e.g., “A” = 1, “B” = 2, “C” = 3, “D” = 4, “E” = 5, “F” = 6, “G” = 7, “H” = 8, and “I” = 9. The number assignment of the Western system then repeats itself through the alphabet, starting with the “1” again and proceeding through “9,” continuing to repeat the sequence until the end of the alphabet.

You can see there is a vast discrepancy between the two systems, and their numerical value calculation; thus affecting the accuracy of your readings.  The Western alphabet assignment totally discounts the most important aspect of numerology—the concept of vibration and the numerical designation of each vibrational pattern. As a result, the Western system virtually destroys the validity of the name numbers (or any other name number) and their meaning. What Western Numerology fails to acknowledge is the fact that the language of the numbers coming off our names gives us the most important facts about the direction in which our lives are unfolding.

To illustrate how Chaldean Numerology can decipher the hidden code in your Name and Birthdate, we have generated a partial blueprint (chart) on actress Shirley MacLaine using her “Stage” name versus “Birthname” to give you a glimpse into her character traits by converting letters into numbers and then applying a mathematical formula to arrive at the end result. Shirley MacLaine goes by her stage name instead of birthname, resonating 100% to those vibrational patterns and experiences stemming from that name.  Below is a description of five of the nine characteristics that form her blueprint.


Born:              Shirley MacLean Beaty

Birthdate:       Date:  April 24, 1934


Shirley Maclaine Blueprint


As a worldwide authority on Chaldean Numerology, I can tell you that the difference between the Chaldean system of numbers and the Western System is so drastic that if you knew what I know, you would be shocked, especially if you have made decisions based on using the Western System that produces inaccurate results.

Before you begin a journey of self-discovery through numbers, it’s important to fully understand and appreciate the insight and information available from the application of the principles of Numerology, one needs to investigate and study the elements presented to confirm the accuracy of the results.


About the Author:

Justis.Crop76webJoanne Justis is a worldwide authority on Chaldean Numerology, Author, and popular speaker.  Ms. Justis has been a spiritual intuitive all of her life and is a Gifted Metaphysical Practitioner. She was trained by her Mother, a Chaldean Master Numerologist, who provided charts and readings since 1984. She designed a comprehensive Chaldean Numerology Website, and developed an extensive first-of-its-kind, state-of-the art Chaldean Numerology software computer program for accuracy in calculating and generating charts. In addition, Ms. Justis is accredited with having done thousands of personal readings and publishing two books: The Powerful Bridge Beyond: Chaldean Numerology for the New Millennium, a complete encyclopedia on the subject of Numerology in general and specifically, Chaldean Numerology and, What Every Parent-to-be Should Know About Baby Naming: The Hidden Truth and How It Will Affect Your Baby!

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    Before you begin a numerology self-discovery through numbers, it’s important to fully understand and appreciate the insight and information available from the application of the principles of Numerology, one needs to investigate and study the elements presented to confirm the accuracy of the results.

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