Are You Stuck; Or Stalling?

Are You Stuck; Or Stalling?
November 13, 2014 Nick Breau



That big desire you’ve been longing for. Have you ever asked yourself why it hasn’t shown up yet? Why you’re still waiting.

Sometimes desires, even your biggest ones, are sitting right in front of you. So close in fact, you don’t even see them.

Why don’t you seem them?

Your goggles are clouded. No matter how easy and clear the path leading to your desires may be, if you don’t see the path, you can’t get on it.

And by the way, the path to any desire is always present

What may be keeping you from walking, or even seeing, the path?

The following probing questions may help.

1.  Do you feel worthy of the desire?

2.  Are you afraid of the responsibility you perceive may come with it?

3.  Are you afraid to walk the path.  Afraid to you fail?

4.  Are you afraid of the changes the desire may bring?

5.  Afraid of how this desire may change you?

6.  How does the manifestation of this desire make your feel unsafe?

7.  Could you be afraid of what others may think or how it will impact them?

If you’re in manifestation limbo taking some time to reflect on the above questions is a first step in removing the fog from those dirty goggles.

These questions may feel deep. They may make you feel uncomfortable. However one of these simple questions may be the only thing between you and the greatness waiting just around the corner.


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nickNick Breau is a Breakthrough Specialist living in Canada. He is the creator of The Inner Shift Method ( and founder of Shift School. Nick has spent nearly a decade studying consciousness, human behavior, alternative healing and the law of attraction. The focus of Nick’s work is on empowering individuals by teaching them how to identify and clear the aspects of their inner being keeping them from achieving greatness.


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