“Shamanic Journey”: Drumming & Rattling, 1HR Steady and Monotonous Drumbeats

“Shamanic Journey”: Drumming & Rattling, 1HR Steady and Monotonous Drumbeats
June 23, 2013 TheMasterShift

“Shamanic Journey”, music for shamanic trance state or astral projection.  Here are the instructions per artist Ono Teave.


1. Choose a time when you are not tired – You don’t want to fall asleep during this journey.
2. Be in a (darkened) space where you can’t be disturbed. Turn all the ringers off.
3. Use your headphones or listen on the big set for the best results.
4. Very important: Say out loud a Prayer for protection. You can burn a candle and incense if you like. (I would highly recommend to sage the space before your journey)
5. Lay down on the ground and close your eyes, or cover them with – for example a bandana or scarf.
6. Hit the play button — (Make sure the volume is not too low, and not too loud either, but you do need to *feel* the sound) — Try to relax as best as you can into the music — Enjoy your journey.
7. When you hear the drumbeats changing to a faster tempo [this happens in the end, after 1 hour] it is time to come back.

Video:  Ono Teave

YouTube Channel:  http://www.youtube.com/user/TheOnoMusic/about

Website:  http://onoteave.com/welcome.html

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/TheOnoMusic?fref=ts


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